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Drop the patents – vaccinate the world

15 uur 22 minuten ago

“In the meantime every day lost is a day in which the profits of Big Pharma are costing countless lives especially in the Global South, as this video from the International Transport Workers Federation shows. And in that context the likelihood for more variants of concern to develop and spread reminds us that no one is safe until everyone is safe.”

- IV561 - October 2021 / ,
Terry Conway

Continuous Crisis in Lebanon

3 dagen 14 uur ago

“The sectarian nature of the state, accompanied by the promotion of neoliberal policies, is an obstacle to the rise of a working-class alternative from below, capable of challenging the ruling bourgeois sectarian parties. In this perspective, the ruling parties will use the next elections as a way to try to regain some legitimacy, both locally and internationally.”

- IV561 - October 2021 /
Joseph Daher
17 minuten 54 seconden ago
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