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One Year Since Taliban's Takeover

1 dag 8 uur ago

It has been a year since Taliban's takeover of Kabul after the ignominious fall of Western-backed regime of Ashraf Ghani. The so-called democratic experiment of American imperialism and allied Western countries, built by militarily overthrowing Taliban back in 2001, came to an end after twenty years of colossal military expenditures.

- IV571 - August 2022 /
Hassan Jan

How the Spheres of Influence Policy Amplifies Reaction

5 dagen 1 uur ago

Should the Left support the division of the world into imperialist spheres of influence? A year ago, the very posing of such a question would have surprised me, since the answer seems obvious: of course not. Unfortunately, the apparent sympathy with Russian aggression against Ukraine by many on the Western left has shown that this is not so obvious.
After the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Susan Watkins actually endorsed Putin's desire to divide Europe into spheres of influence between (...)

- Ukraine / , , , ,
Taras Bilous
2 uur 44 minuten ago
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