14 June 2021

Borderless – An Anticapitalist Journal

Borderless is a radical bimonthly paper written in English for non-Dutch speakers interested in Dutch progressive politics. It provides news and commentary from an anti-capitalist perspective on Dutch politics and on events and social struggles in the Netherlands and around the world. ...Read more

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Borderless - 20 October 2015
On 10th of October, at least 106 activists were killed and hundreds were injured in a demonstration for peace, labor and democracy in Ankara. Several people are still missing. The victims were killed by two suicide bombers whose steps were tracked by the intelligence service. There were no security measures,and the police came just after the... read more
Bertil Videt - 11 October 2015
 You still risk your life for peacefully expressing your opinion. That is a gruesome lesson of yesterday’s awful massacre of peace demonstrators in Ankara.  The scope and the brutality of the attack is shocking. But sadly it is not a standalone event. The attack came just as PKK was about to announce an expected unilateral cease fire.  The... read more
Maral Jefroudi - 21 July 2015
A suicide attack killed at least 30 young socialists in Suruç in Urfa, the Turkish city near the Syrian border today.  The attack to the Amara Culture Center, where at least 300 members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Association (SGDF) were staying, was committed just before their departure to Kobane. The young revolutionaries had departed... read more
Yannis Tzaninis - 16 June 2015
In the last months, student and staff protests have taken the University of Amsterdam by storm. The protest movement against UvA’s decade-long neoliberal reforms seems very recent but its foundations were set some time ago. It started in the summer 2014 when the UvA social sciences were moved by the university administration from the city centre... read more
Maral Jefroudi - 5 June 2015
The parliamentary elections in Turkey will take place this Sunday. 54 million people can vote for a new parliament on June 7th. The electoral scene is focused on the HDP, the Peoples' Democratic Party. In this article I will try to explain how this phenomenon came into being, and what the dynamics are that made it a prominent actor in the... read more