11 April 2021

Borderless – An Anticapitalist Journal

Borderless is a radical bimonthly paper written in English for non-Dutch speakers interested in Dutch progressive politics. It provides news and commentary from an anti-capitalist perspective on Dutch politics and on events and social struggles in the Netherlands and around the world. ...Read more

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Latest articles

Borderless - 24 April 2014
The 1st February, a demostration took place in Amsterdam against the new Spanish law on abortion. The demo was called by Casa Kliniek and attended by around 200 people. This text was distributed by Spanish activists organised in the indignados movement in Amsterdam. Assembly of Spaniards in Amsterdam Under a new law proposed by the Popular Party (... read more
Borderless - 23 April 2014
Since our last issue, we have observed two historic rebellions against regimes in Ukraine and Bosnia. In previous issues, we have written about the popular uprisings in several Arab countries, in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, in Turkey and Brasil. Now the bells of rebellion ring in Eastern Europe. Despite different national realities, these... read more
Manolis - 23 April 2014
Since early 2010, facing a severe economic and political crisis characterized by uncertainty and austerity measures resulting in rising unemployment and steep decreases in salaries and welfare allowances, Greeks have been emigrating in large numbers and Balkan immigrants who dominated earlier migration flows into Greece have also been ‘returning... read more
Bertil Videt - 22 April 2014
General indifference is the most widespread issue for the European Elections, coming up in May. Polls suggest new records in abstention and an alarming surge for the far right. The European Union is spearheading austerity across the continent with cuts that hit the most vulnerable: the sick, elderly, unemployed, low paid, etc. With its ‘Stability... read more
Alex de Jong - 22 April 2014
What was left of the image of the Netherlands as a tolerant, welcoming society was shaken the last few months by revelations of racist police, international criticism of Dutch immigration policies and discriminatory government proposals. But we are also seeing the first beginnings of a new movement against racism and discrimination, culminating... read more