[4 Apr 2022]
Almost Three Decades (28 years) of Socialist Revolution  with the masses and oppressed peoples for genuine liberation and freedom

Revolutionary salute to all comrades in the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army!

Highest Salute to Comrade Tripon who had offered his life to the revolutionary struggle. He was treacherously murdered by the Duterte fascist State forces last December 2021 without a fight to justify the use of people’s money on the anomalous and scandalous anti-insurgency campaign.

The same revolutionary salute to Comrade Alain Krivine, a true internationalist who passed away last March 12, 2022 as genuine revolutionary till the end.

Both comrades have spent more than half of their lives in different forms of struggles …

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[27 Dec 2021 | | ]
Statement regarding the killing of Comrade Zandro/Tripon

Statement of the Executive Committee of the Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Mangagawa – Mindanao (RPM-M) and the National Operational Command of the Revolutionary People’s Army (NOC-RPA) regarding the killing of Comrade Zandro/Tripon.

While the entire country, especially those affected by typhoon Odette, is still in a horrible situation, and the people are still in shock and grappling to recover from the extent of the devastation, not to mention the hardships brought about by the pandemic and the looming threat of the Omicron variant, the fascist State elements of the Philippine National Police …

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[18 May 2021 | | ]
Statement: Advance an All-Sided Socialist Revolution! All-Out Peoples’ War against the Pandemic and Duterte Regime!

Two decades ago today, the Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa-Mindanao (RPM-M) was established in the jungles of Mindanao. Two decades of revolutionary works have been celebrated through the democratic victories with the toiling masses and working class. While it is true, we are far beyond from the qualitative revolutionary victory we are fully aware of building strong foundations for an eco-socialist future with its seeds growing with the green thumbs of the toiling masses in the communities and revolutionary forces. Our Revolutionary Salute to all Comrades in all line of works, …

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[18 Mar 2013 | | ]
Building a Revolutionary Party Today: Mindanao/Philippine Experience

By: Anzelmo Guerrero
February 2013
Building a Revolutionary Party today is not only a challenge for genuine Marxists but ought to be done by contemporary revolutionaries.

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[27 Apr 2012 | | ]
Revolutionary Mass Movements: Who shall Build and Strengthen?

Revolutionary movements are and will always be grounded with the masses’ conditions. They grow and gain strength from the real support and followings of the masses. Without the situations of injustices, massive poverty and hunger, inequalities, monopolies and elitist social structure that victimize the masses no revolutionary movements with the political aim to achieve structural change in power relations will not have ground and reason to exist.

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[19 Apr 2012 | | ]
Revolutionary Festivities on the RPM-M 10th Anniversary

Camp Usman, Mindanao – It was a cloudy 1st of May in 2011 when members of the Revolutionary Workers Party – Mindanao commemorated the 10th anniversary since its founding on May 1st 2001. Despite the rocky and difficult terrain towards the camp, it was a festive revolutionary gathering with comrades greeting one another.