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[27 Sep 2010 | | ]
Statement on the Fourth of July: Phil-US Friendship Day

In the Philippines as elsewhere in the world,
symbols of US imperialism should be exposed and resisted!

The fourth of July is most popularly known in the world as the commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America (USA) from the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1776, during the time of the American Revolution. Ironically in the Philippines, the fourth of July is a symbol of US imperialism, but cleverly disguised as the “Philippine-American Friendship Day”.
This so-called “Friendship Day” was designated by the late Philippine …

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[27 Sep 2010 | | ]
No Illusions! Challenge the Aquino Regime!

Official Statement of the Katipunan ng mga Kabataang Kadre on the New Aquino Regime

Advance the Demands of the Youth alongside the Democratic Demands of the Masses!
As the smoke of the 2010 elections are settling down and the new Aquino regime is building up its government, the various Left Blocs and Movements in the Philippines are discussing on how to engage the new regime given its promised change and the vast mandate it garnered, the biggest in history, during the latest bourgeois elections. The attitude of the Left Movements varies, ranging from outright confrontation, …

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[28 Jul 2010 | | ]
Solidarity Statement to the Fourth International Youthcamp – 2009

September 15, 2009
TO: All Comrades from all Sections, Supporters Sympathizers
RE: A Call for Solidarity and Support
Revolutionary Greetings to all the comrades from the Fourth International, sympathizers and camp participants from the Young Cadres’ Conference and the Youth Commission of the RWPM.
Since 2004, the RWPM was able to send young comrades to the international camps in Europe despite the difficulties in terms of technical, financial and security considerations. We face these considerations as revolutionaries because we know that the experiences and the lessons that our young comrades will learn are …

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[1 May 2008 | | ]
Statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the RPM-M Youth Commission

The Youth Movement is generally an integral part of the mass movement that aims to achieve revolutionary change of the society. With the defensive status of the over-all revolutionary movement and the offensives of capitalism through its neo-liberal policies, the revolutionary youth movement needs to strengthen its ranks and intensify its struggle of achieving genuine reforms and revolution, along with the over-all revolutionary movement of the society.
In this historic occasion of the Party’s anniversary, the Young Cadres Conference and the Youth Commission re-affirm with enthusiasm their commitment and conviction in …