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[4 Apr 2022 | | ]
Almost Three Decades (28 years) of Socialist Revolution  with the masses and oppressed peoples for genuine liberation and freedom

Revolutionary salute to all comrades in the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army!

Highest Salute to Comrade Tripon who had offered his life to the revolutionary struggle. He was treacherously murdered by the Duterte fascist State forces last December 2021 without a fight to justify the use of people’s money on the anomalous and scandalous anti-insurgency campaign.

The same revolutionary salute to Comrade Alain Krivine, a true internationalist who passed away last March 12, 2022 as genuine revolutionary till the end.

Both comrades have spent more than half of their lives in different forms of struggles …

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[27 Dec 2021 | | ]
Statement regarding the killing of Comrade Zandro/Tripon

Statement of the Executive Committee of the Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Mangagawa – Mindanao (RPM-M) and the National Operational Command of the Revolutionary People’s Army (NOC-RPA) regarding the killing of Comrade Zandro/Tripon.

While the entire country, especially those affected by typhoon Odette, is still in a horrible situation, and the people are still in shock and grappling to recover from the extent of the devastation, not to mention the hardships brought about by the pandemic and the looming threat of the Omicron variant, the fascist State elements of the Philippine National Police …

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[18 May 2021 | | ]
May 1: EcoSocialist Internationalism Now! 19th Year Anniversary Statement

Revolutionary Salute to the Workers of the World!

Revolutionary Salute to all Comrades in the Revolutionary Workers Party-Mindanao, Comrades in Arms in the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army and all other Revolutionary Friends and Allies!

Capitalism is in crisis putting us all, humanity and the Earth in danger. Faced with the coronavirus pandemic which affects all peoples and nations with no vaccine yet available, our gears of protection are only physical distancing, solidarity and the continued fight for our rights even in isolation to break the chain of contagion.

The capitalist profit over lives framework …

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[22 Mar 2021 | | ]
All-Out Peoples’ War against the Murderous Duterte Regime!

Revolutionary Salute to all Comrades in Arms in the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army (RPA) on its 27th year of Socialist Revolution!

The year 2020 has been a trying period globally with the new covid-19 facing and managing the pandemic and its serious effects in the economy. The disastrous effects as experienced by the toiling masses and the working class in the urban and rural zones have been devastating. It has become worst in country such as the Philippines because instead of mobilizing medical experts and prioritizing essential services and needs, the rightist …

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[20 Jan 2019 | | ]

January 1, 2019
In the next few days, two (2) sets of plebiscites will be held regarding the newly signed Bangsamoro Organic Law or BOL. Two sets of questions will also be asked on the voters; the first whether they approve the BOL and the second will be if they want to be included in the areas under the jurisdiction of the new autonomous political entity. The former will be addressed to the voters in the existing provinces and cities of the autonomous region and the latter will be for the …