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With arms for the Oppressed Peoples and the Working Class! Intensify the Current Stage of the Struggles towards the Socialist Revolution!

20 March 2017

Revolutionary greetings to our comrades in the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army (RPA) on your 23rd Revolutionary Anniversary!

For 23 years, you have selflessly served and defended the masses and the working class. More than two decades of tireless valuable contribution to the Socialist Revolution in Mindanao, Philippines and the world.

The masses and the working class have continued to suffer the cruelties brought upon by the capitalist globalization through all agents of its reactionary state, local political dynasties, drug syndicates and counter-revolutionary elements that have in many forms collaborate against the revolutionary movement and the peoples’ resistance. These relentless attacks against the democratic interests and human rights of the peoples have given all the more reasons for the oppressed to defend themselves and fight alongside with the RPAs against these various assaults.

The Indigenous Peoples and the Bangsamoro’s ancestral domains have been denuded and targeted for the capitalist extractive industry; the peasant and rural communities have suffered continuous neglect, threatened by dislocations and evictions by foreign as well as local corporations and vast lands have been opened for export production. The workers and the toiling masses have been pushed into more precarious situation and have regularly experienced threats for their lives if they resist and fight back. But the worst is that the environment have been massively raped and destroyed for capitalist profit and selfish interests of the few.
We have suffered fatalities as a result of the above-mentioned collaborations from these capitalist’s machineries. To name a few, Comrade Ruben was murdered by state agents being known as a committed defender of masses in his area of operation and Comrade Inday was murdered as she stood up in favor for the farmers in her community. But we vow to bring justice to them. Let us not put their lives (our dear martyrs) in vain. Let our fallen comrades bring more inspiration and determination to continue our struggle with more fervor together with the toiling masses and the working class.

The Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa – Mindanao (RPM-M) calls us to continue strengthen our rank and fulfill our revolutionary politico-militar tasks. In all forms and means that we can, let us continue to defend the working class, the toiling masses and the oppressed peoples. Let us be the arms and shield to strengthen the solidarity and defend their victories. With our concrete gains in the current revolutionary struggles, let us intensify the Socialist Revolution!
With arms for the oppressed peoples and the working class!

Revolutionary Salute,
Executive Committee of the Central Committee
March 18, 2017

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