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Almost Three Decades (28 years) of Socialist Revolution with the masses and oppressed peoples for genuine liberation and freedom

4 April 2022

Revolutionary salute to all comrades in the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army!

Highest Salute to Comrade Tripon who had offered his life to the revolutionary struggle. He was treacherously murdered by the Duterte fascist State forces last December 2021 without a fight to justify the use of people’s money on the anomalous and scandalous anti-insurgency campaign.

The same revolutionary salute to Comrade Alain Krivine, a true internationalist who passed away last March 12, 2022 as genuine revolutionary till the end.

Both comrades have spent more than half of their lives in different forms of struggles with the working and oppressed classes in the world.

The tyrant and fascist Duterte regime have murdered several activists, militants and revolutionaries from different political blocs. The ‘nanlaban’ and ‘tokhang’ narrative in its ant-drug campaign that murdered not less than 30,000 allegedly illegal drug users and peddlers but almost none coming from the rich and the privileged have been treated the same manner. From red-tagging of civilians and the peoples mass organizations to calling them as terrorists and outrightly murdering them which in effect have created fears and anxieties in the communities.

The Executive Order 70 is the adoption and integration of the Internal Security Plan of the National Defense into the civilian government bureaucracy to end the communist insurgency. It has aimed to end communist rebellion in six years, but in an inadmission that it won’t succeed, the National Defense through the cohorts of Rodrigo Duterte in the Congress have passed the Anti-Terrorism Law in 2020. A Law that has given power to an Anti-Terrorism Council to define and interpret what is terrorism and who are the terrorists – effectively empowering this council to decide who will live and who will die.

Duterte’s regime is a horror and the “devil incarnate” for genuine democratic forces and even surpassing the evilness of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

March 18 is very significant for Marcos Sr’s regime for it was on the March 18, 1968 when he had ordered the massacre of young Moro recruits for refusing to follow order to invade Sabah Island (Oplan Merdeka). Such infamous massacre has continued to inspire the struggle for Self-Determination of different Moro Revolutionary Forces.

The Revolutionary Workers Party – Mindanao/Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa – Mindanao (RWPM-RPMM) had chosen this historical date to launch the founding of the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army 28 years ago in a jungle predominantly inhabited by Moro populations.

The March 18, 1968 massacre has continued to inspire revolutionaries including the RPA to lead all oppressed peoples to struggle for national liberation amidst Duterte’s brutal regime

The regime has claimed lives of not less than 195 land and environment defenders since 2016 and this certainly to worsen with the issuance of the Executive Order 130 lifting the Open-Pit mining ban. Not less than 65 lawyers, 22 journalists and 421 activists and human rights defenders were also murdered under this regime. 2 comrades in the RPA, Comrade Ruben and Tripon have also been murdered by the State forces. The country’s economy has been seriously affected as well and has just survived because of its reliance to external debt which has already reached to almost 13 Trillion Pesos. A sure burden to the incoming regime an almost perpetual baggage on the shoulders on the people for several generations to come.

The Revolutionary Peoples’ Army despite being targeted by the State has able to maneuver and continue its political and ideological works in the different fronts and areas of operation. The non-stop harassments and fascists military offensives has not shaken the resolve of the comrades but has encouraged them to be more creative in performing their tasks.

The convergence of the pandemic, economic, ecological and human rights and democratic crises has offered a more opportune moments to be more creative and effective in advancing and winning the sentiments and supports of the masses as expressed in different forms of struggle.

Our active defense tactic has remain very effective in frustrating all attempts by the fascist regime to eliminate the revolutionary movement and derail the revolution led by the RWPM and the RPA. Its political objective of establishing and sustaining concrete ecological and socialist alternatives in different communities has continued to flourish and effectively weaken the machineries of the neoliberal capitalism in this part of the world. Without dealing concretely with sustainable answers to inequalities, injustices, exploitation and oppression a resistance with alternative framework to the status quo will flourish even more.

Lastly but not the least, we extend our international Solidarity to the working class and oppressed peoples of Ukraine and Myanmar. We call on all workers and oppressed peoples of the world to support democratic and diplomatic ways and manners to solve the Ukrainian and Myanmar conflicts.

Ever onward to Our Socialist Revolution!

Raul Faustino
National Operational Command
Revolutionary Peoples’ Army
Camp Usman
March 18, 2022

March 18, 1994 – in the middle of Lanao del Sur jungle (Guerilla Camp Ariel) that a Military Conference was called for by the former Central Mindanao Region of the then Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) attended by military and Party cadres that later declared to split from the CPP’s armed-wing New People’s Army (NPA) and called as the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army (RPA). It was also a decision to call for the conference on this date (March 18) to remember the martyrs of the Jabidah Massacre (March 18, 1968) which the radical movement for the Right to Self Determination of the Bangsamoro inspired.

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