14 June 2021


What is Grenzeloos?

Grenzeloos (Borderless) is an undogmatic radical left-wing website that stands for ecosocialism, feminism and democracy. The site is maintained by Socialist Alternative Politics (SAP), a group of Dutch socialists who are active in trade unions, the anti-war movement, Palestine solidarity work, feminist and queer activism and the fight for a different Europe. Many of us also participate in the Socialist Party, as a way of helping to build a broad, militant left-wing movement for genuine change.

The SAP belongs to the Fourth International, a network of socialist parties and groups working for a global socialist alternative. The socialism we are fighting for would put an end (in the words of Karl Marx) to ‘all those conditions in which humans are abased, enslaved, abandoned, contemptible beings’. It would put an end to poverty and exploitation, environmental degradation, malnutrition, social exclusion and marginality, war and oppression, throughout the world.

The means to create this socialism exist. A different world is possible, if we dare to make a radical break with capitalism: this economic system in which profit counts for more than people and the environment. Because capitalism has failed in ecological as well as human terms, we are ecosocialists. Now we need radical alternatives. While we may not have a blueprint, we have the will to understand and change the world, and a number of starting points as a foundation on which to build a different, more democratic, social and ecologically sustainable world.

For us in the SAP, ecosocialism is inextricably linked to radical democracy and self-management. We are fighting for a world in which all people enjoy the greatest possible range of democratic rights in every area of life. A world in which people make decisions for themselves, even and especially at work, rather than accepting the dictates of their bosses, a political elite or the ‘laws of the market’.

The SAP is a feminist organization. This means that we not only demand equal rights for women and men, but also resist the dominant, paternalistic gender roles that rob human beings of their freedom. Rejecting all forms of discrimination, we consistently defend the rights and liberation of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, queers and everyone who does not feel at home within the heterosexual norm. The SAP also stands for a society in which diversity is treasured, and therefore fights against racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Immigrants have the right to full equality in society, including all democratic and social rights. They deserve our solidarity in the face of attacks by racists and right-wing populists.

A better world will not come into existence automatically; it must be struggled for. We need to build resistance movements, take to the streets, and engage in serious reflection and discussion about progressive alternatives. Grenzeloos seeks to make a contribution to these efforts. If you would like to make your own contribution, we invite you to visit our site, discuss with us, and submit articles. We also publish an English-language paper, Borderless.

Grenzeloos has an editorial board, whose members are Lot van Baaren, Willem Bos, Marijke Colle, Peter Drucker, Alex de Jong, Patrick van Klink, Rob Lubbersen, Rob Marijnissen and Wiliam van den Heuvel.

The Grenzeloos site is maintained by unpaid volunteers; the only financial support we receive is from our members and sympathizers. If you would like to support our work, please transfer your contribution to our bank account, IBAN NL25INGB0005571638, under the name Grenzeloos, Haarlem.

To suggest a topic for an article, submit an article yourself, join the SAP or ask for more information about becoming a member, please get in touch by emailing us at redactie@grenzeloos.org. If you prefer to contact us by post, please write to us at Grenzeloos, Lombokstraat 40, 1094 AL Amsterdam.

Below is a list of articles in English written by Grenzeloos editorial board members.


Alex de Jong - A Commune in Rojava? Winter 2016

Alex de Jong - Interview: Kurdish autonomy between dream and reality, June 4, 2015

Alex de Jong - Indonesia 1965: The Forgotten Massacres, June 2, 2015

Alex de Jong - Stalinist caterpillar into libertarian butterfly? - The evolving ideology of the PKK, 11 March 2015. 

Peter Drucker - Science and Sex: Hirschfeld’s Legacy winter 2015

Alex de Jong - Pro-gay and anti-Islam: rise of the Dutch far-Right 8 february 2015

Peter Drucker - Decolonizing Our Bodies, Decolonizing Our World: Fighting Heteronormativity, Homonormativity and Homonationalism 31 October 2014

Alex de Jong -  From Sect to Mass Party, The Dutch Socialist Party went from fringe force to national contender. But lost its soul along the way.

Peter Drucker- TUNISIA "Bitter victories, but real ones" CONVERSATION WITH AHLEM BELHADJ Sunday 6 April 2014

Maral Jefroudi - The “New Turkey” Wednesday 2 April 2014.

Alex de Jong, Wolfgang Alles, Zely Ariane,  Social struggles in Indonesia, women workers and the Left Tuesday 1 April 2014.

Alex de Jong - Indonesia ‘The Act of Killing’ The mass violence of 1965-1966 was neither ’spontaneous’ nor ’excesses’ 23 august 2013

Peter Drucker, Jorge Duarte Costa - , Portugal, the Left Bloc and an alternative to the Troika February 2013

Alex de Jong - The Netherlands: Neoliberal Dreams in Times of Austerity and the Dutch Left 1 December 2012

Alex de Jong- Dutch elections: A hangover instead of an earthquake 13 September 2012

BOS Willem - Dutch elections: Right victorious as socialist illusions are shattered 13 September 2012

DE JONG Alex , WROTH Will, WATERMAN Peter -  Rise and rise of the Dutch Socialist Party: new perspectives for socialism or naïve, hip, left parliamentarism? 1 September 2012

DRUCKER Peter- Paul Levi: a Luxemburgist alternative? 1 July 2012

COLLE Marijke - A summary of a “ecofeminist worldview 28 June 2012

DE JONG Alex - One divides into two – Nepal’s Maoists in crisis 14 June 2012

DE JONG Alex, VIDET Bertil - Netherlands: Dutch Socialist defenders of welfare state leading polls 28 May 2012

DE JONG Alex, NICHOLS Dick, RAO Nathan, LATHAM Chris - Crisis, revolt and the left in Europe 9 March 2012

DRUCKER Peter, DE JONG Alex - ACHCAR Gilbert, Springtime for the Arab Left? 25 February 2012

DE JONG Alex-MAIKEY Haneen, Palestine: Resisting homophobia and occupation 30 June 2011

DRUCKER Peter - Toward A Queer Marxism? 1 March 2011

DE JONG Alex- Indonesia: Remembering mass-murder 20 January 2011

DE JONG Alex - Islamophobia sets the terms 31 May 2010

VAN BAAREN Lot LUBBERS Rob - Opposition victory in Dutch public sector union 2 June 2010,

DE JONG Alex, Paulus Suryanta Ginting -The politics of the poor – socialism in Indonesia 1 June 2010

DE JONG Alex - Islamophobia: a Western tradition 1 June 2010

BOS Willem - The Netherlands: The SP at a crossroads 1 May 2010

DRUCKER Peter -The New Sexual Radicalism 1 May 2010

DE JONG Alex - The Netherlands: Islamophobia Sets the Terms 1 May 2010

DE KLEIJN Leo - Break with the logic of austerity 29 March 2010,

DE KLEIJN Leo - Netherlands: Break with the logic of austerity 1 March 2010

DE JONG Alex - Worse than a crime – The electoral politics of the NDF and the CPP in the Philippines 20 January 2010

DRUCKER Peter, WAINER Kit Adam - On Olivier Besancenot and Michael Löwy’s book on Che Guevara 15 January 2010

DRUCKER Peter - Leonard Bernstein’s Tragedy January 2010

DE JONG Alex -Back to Utopia – “Always been gay?” December 2009

DRUCKER Peter - Islamophobia: for a radical left response 1 November 2009

MEPSCHEN Paul - Islam, sexuality, and the politics of belonging in the Netherlands 8 June 2009

DRUCKER Peter - A tug-of-war over the Chinese media 4 June 2009

MEPSCHEN Paul - Against tolerance – Islam, sexuality and the politics of belonging in the Netherlands June 2009

DRUCKER Peter - Reinventing a Queer Left 16 January 2009

DE JONG Alex - Mindanao on the brink 11 September 2008

DRUCKER Peter - Peter Drucker: a bibliography 15 June 2008

DRUCKER Peter -Arab Sexualities 1 November 2008

MEPSCHEN Paul - Building the movement against neoliberalism 20 November 2007

MEPSCHEN Paul - The Netherlands: Building the movement against neoliberalism — 15th Congress of the Socialist Party 21 October 2007

DRUCKER Peter - The IIRE 1982-2007 — III — The Second Decade 10 September 2007

DRUCKER Peter - How to Resist Sarkozy? 15 May 2007

DRUCKER Peter- Same-sex marriage and the neoliberal European agenda October 2006

BOS Willem -The European Union and democracy 6 September 2006

DE JONG Alex, MEPSCHEN Paul - ALI Tariq, The Anti-Imperialist Left Confronted with Islam November 2005

BOS Willem - Netherlands: A vote against neo-liberalism June 2005

Drucker Peter - A Left "No" 10 May 2005,

DE KLEIJN Leo - Left must help rebuild the unions 9 December 2004,

DRUCKER Peter - For lesbian and gay liberation May 2003

DRUCKER Peter- Europe’s Specter of Americanization September 2002

SAP (Netherlands)On the death of Pim Fortuyn 15 June 2002

DRUCKER Peter,SAP (Nederlands) -CONWAY Terry, Netherlands: Contradiction and struggle – On the death of Pim Fortuyn June 2002

DRUCKER Peter - Genoa: on the political and social landscape in Italy that made the movement’s success possible1 March 2002

SAP (Netherlands) - Love of the uncommon people 3 April 2001

BRULS Arthur - The Cult of the Oranges, the demise of the Dutch monarchy 3 April 2001

DRUCKER Peter- USA/Iraq...: Remembering the War and the Movement 1 January 2001

DRUCKER Peter - Reinventing liberation: Strategic questions for lesbian/gay movements 2000

DRUCKER Peter - Gays and the Left: Scratching the Surface May 1997

DRUCKER Peter- Self-organization, self-emancipation and identity: What can we learn from indigenous peoples, blacks and lesbigays? November 1999