24 February 2021


Jack Ferguson - 12 May 2015
 The results of last week's UK general election were surprising and shocking for many. There were two reasons for this: the unexpected increase in Tory seats, which confounded pollsters and allowed the Conservative Party to form a government without coalition partners; and the dramatic gap they revealed between Scottish politics and the other... lees meer
Borderless - 17 October 2014
The fundamentalist extremists of the so-called 'Islamic State' (IS) have massacred thousands. The government of Iraq has been unable and unwilling to stop them. The Syrian Kurdish Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat (PYD, Democratic Union Party) has put up strong resistance. They have helped Ezidi’s to escape and to organize self-defence groups against IS.... lees meer
Maral Jefroudi - 14 October 2014
Suphi Nejat Agirnasli, known under his party name Paramaz Kizilbas, was killed fighting ISIS on the 7th of October in Kobane. He was a 30 year old sociologist, who had worked on the dangerous working conditions of port workers of Tuzla, Istanbul. His given name came from the founder of the Communist Party of Turkey, Mustafa Suphi, and its first... lees meer
Borderless - 1 August 2014
 The news from Gaza fills us with disgust and anger. What parts of the media refer to as a 'conflict' or a 'war' is nothing of the sort. The Israeli army, by far the most powerful killing machine in the region, is subjecting the population of Gaza to collective punishment. This is punishment not for rockets nor for the murder of three Israeli... lees meer
Erik Swyngedouw - 24 April 2014
“…the people is those who, refusing to be the population, disrupt the system.” (1 Tahrir Square, Assaha-al-Khadra, Syntagma Square, Green Square, Zuccotti Park, Paternoster Square, Puerta del Sol, Plaza de la Catalunya: these are just a few of the public (occasionally privately owned) spaces that have recently become engrained in our symbolic... lees meer


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