18 October 2019

EU Elections [box]

General indifference is the most widespread issue for the European Elections, coming up in May. Polls suggest new records in abstention and an alarming surge for the far right. The European Union is spearheading austerity across the continent with cuts that hit the most vulnerable: the sick, elderly, unemployed, low paid, etc. With its ‘Stability’ and ‘Euro-Plus’ Pacts the EU cements its commitment to creating more precarious employment and increasing inequality. The populist and racist parties across Europe have only reactionary proposals to divide ordinary Europeans. BORDERLESS believes that real change, that can lead to a social Europe, based on solidarity rather than ‘fiscal stability’, can only come through the mobilization of ordinary people. The pro-austerity elites must be confronted and opposed at both national, European and international level.

All EU citizens have the right to vote – in their country of citizenship or residence. BORDERLESS urges its readers to use this opportunity to say ‘no’ to the Europe of austerity and ‘no’ to nationalist withdrawal. We suggest voting for an internationalist and socialist candidate that will be a part of the left wing group (GUE/NGL) in the Parliament and support the candidacy for the European Commission president of Alexis Tsipras. This could mean voting for the Socialist Party in The Netherlands – or a socialist organization in your country of origin.

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