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Statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the RPM-M Youth Commission

1 May 2008

The Youth Movement is generally an integral part of the mass movement that aims to achieve revolutionary change of the society. With the defensive status of the over-all revolutionary movement and the offensives of capitalism through its neo-liberal policies, the revolutionary youth movement needs to strengthen its ranks and intensify its struggle of achieving genuine reforms and revolution, along with the over-all revolutionary movement of the society.

In this historic occasion of the Party’s anniversary, the Young Cadres Conference and the Youth Commission re-affirm with enthusiasm their commitment and conviction in performing its revolutionary tasks in implementing the Party’s Socialist Project. Despite the challenges, apart from the capitalists and the state – like the hostile policies of the Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army – National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) and the Revolutionary Workers Party of the Philippines – Revolutionary Proletariat Army – Alex Bongcayao Brigade (RWPP-RPA-ABB) and the opportunists, liquidationists and ideologically-bankrupt former comrades who corrupted the Party’s Electoral Machinery – the Party remained intact, deeply rooted with the tri-people masses’ struggles and conscious of the present condition.
The Young Cadres salute the leadership, the membership, the party’s supporters and sympathizers and the toiling masses for all the concrete victories that we collectively achieve and for standing-by our revolutionary principles and for continuing our struggle towards genuine social change.
This struggle is not an easy one but history, the present situation, the commitment of the revolutionaries all-over the world and the support of the masses manifest that we can collectively topple down an oppressive social structure, end up oppression and build an alternative society – a society defined by justice, freedom, human dignity and peace.

May the blood offered by our fallen comrades continue to give warmth to all of us! Ever onward to Victory!

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