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For a different world – for socialism!

27 September 2010

Last August, the Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa ng Mindanao (RPM-M) successfully concluded its second congress. Over several days, activists discussed the prospects and perspectives of our movement and elected a new leadership for our organization. The congress was held in an area secured by the Revolutionary People’s Army (RPA). The ability to organize this event, crucial for debating and deciding upon a course for the RPM-M/RPA, was a testament to the support we have won and the organizational capacities we have build since we founded our party nine years ago. Our party was born out of the refusal to surrender to the ruling class or to give up on the central principles of self-emancipation and liberation. Our party is revolutionary and democratic – our party fights for a socialism of the twenty-first century.

This second congress, held in a camp named after our recently deceased comrade Usman, was another step towards this goal. Our comrade dedicated his life to the liberation of the oppressed. The RPM-M will continue the journey of Ka Usman and so many others who lived and died for the cause of freedom and justice. The RPM-M/RPA members reaffirmed their commitment to the struggle for socialism and we are ready to face new challenges.

We have launched this website to inform our supporters, in the Philippines and worldwide, about our struggles and to be better able to communicate with our friends and comrades in the worldwide liberation movements. Faced with a crisis of capitalism that is economic, social and ecological, Rosa Luxemburg’s warning has gained a new urgency: the future will be socialism or it will be barbarism. The RPM-M/RPA dedicates itself to the fight for a socialist future.

See you in the struggle!

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