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Revolutionary Festivities on the RPM-M 10th Anniversary

19 April 2012

Camp Usman, Mindanao – It was a cloudy 1st of May in 2011 when members of the Revolutionary Workers Party – Mindanao commemorated the 10th anniversary since its founding on May 1st 2001. Despite the rocky and difficult terrain towards the camp, it was a festive revolutionary gathering with comrades greeting one another.By: Harrison Mariano, RWJM

Messages from the party organs and allies were read by representatives with enthusiasm and revolutionary spirit.

The leadership thanked the party members and all of those comrades whom after all of the challenges the party went through and were able to survive remained and continued to be with the masses. The message also paid tribute to the comrades who offered their lives to the revolution, while recognizing the important role of the masses who also remained steadfast with the revolutionary project of the party.

On the other hand, simultaneous mobilizations were launched by militant comrades at the urban and rural centers in observance of the International Workers Day (May Day). Together with the masses and the workers movement in the open and the underground arena RPM-M is committed to the socialist revolutionary project in all aspects.

A Moment of Introspection
Comrade Amilie of the South Central Mindanao Region, a veteran, was in a contemplative mood as he gave a recollection when the party was established. He said that looking back the party today is a product of more than ten years of revolutionary commitment of comrades, the masses and the workers movement. He further stated that as the party opened its doors to a pluralist framework and its machinery engaged in different line of works, the party came across individuals with bankrupt and opportunistic tendencies inside the party and used the party for their vested interests. “However, the experience taught us lessons and allow us to grow in revolutionary spirit and strength as an organization,” said Comrade Amilie.

Comrades from the regions also shared the challenges experienced as they struggled in the initial years in establishing the new party, the period of consolidation and strengthening its ranks. Despite the difficulties, the comrades kept moving forward and felt triumphant as the party reached its 10th year despite all the odds that it has hurdled. The party principles and objective reading of the current political situation of Philippine society and the world made them more encouraged to advance the masses’ interests.

In the true spirit of Internationalism, the assembled group expressed solidarity to the current peoples’ revolts in North Africa, Middle East and other parts of the world. These struggles have also inspired the cadres to push on with the struggle for justice and freedom for the oppressed peoples.

The Revolutionary Spirit Continues
It is the commitment to the peoples struggles and the socialist revolution which gathered the comrades and the masses to join hands and march together. The 10th party anniversary was attended mostly by the mass members, sympathizers, supporters, cadres, and militants. The astounding presence of the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army combatants representing the different units and commands in Mindanao was very notable. The gathering is a concrete manifestation that the party remained grounded and with the masses. As one of the attendee activist leader shared, the revolution is nothing without the masses and in turn the masses are helpless without the revolutionary orientation. “A revolutionary mass organization will always be supported by the masses only if it is rooted with the masses,” he expressed.

The gathering was not only speeches and reminiscing. This was also peppered with musical presentation and dances of cadres, supporters, and RPA elements which added color and vibrancy to the event. The cadres showed artistic contributions and portrayed their experiences of struggles and calls through creative expressions. Many sung impromptu musical compositions which challenged everyone to write and sing more songs of freedom and the revolution.

Moving forward
Comrade Ernie Castro from the North Western Mindanao Region leadership thanked all of those who exerted efforts for the realization of the celebration despite the limitations and clandestine nature of the activity. The challenges everyday has to be faced by revolutionaries with the masses.

In closing, comrades, supporters and militants sang together the international hymn as an expression of solidarity and the continuing commitment to the socialist revolution for the masses, and the oppressed peoples in the country and the world.

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