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Revolutionary Salute and Greetings to Revolutionary Peoples’ Army 18th Founding Anniversary

18 March 2013

Revolutionary Salute and Greetings to comrades and cadres of the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army (RPA) and the whole command and ranks to celebrate its 18th founding anniversary of revolutionary service and existence on 18th of March 2013 in time also of the 45th commemoration of the 1968 Jabidah Massacre that triggered importantly the national liberation aspiration among Bangsamoro.

The Revolutionary Workers’ Party – Mindanao (RPW-M/RPM-M) believes that in our context today, there is always a need for an armed component in this revolutionary path that we have (not a separate component but integral in all forms) – to defend the masses and their victories and at the same time to confront the bourgeois and reactionary assaults and policies harmful to our revolutionary socialist project;

RPW-M/RPM-M also believes that at all times revolutionary forces should always be prepared in the time of antagonist confrontations against the bourgeois system to protect the militants, activists and the progressive movements;

In this moment, we would also like to offer tribute and salute to our comrades in the RPA who offered their lives for the masses and the revolution – their revolutionary contributions will not be put in vain and our the victories of the masses shall offer justice for them;

We call on comrades active in the regular guerrilla, partisan and local militia units to hold on with our Politico-Militar revolutionary framework being the army of the people and the oppressed against the neoliberal and capitalist attacks;

We also would like to give thanks to the masses and allies for continuously showing your supports and constructive critics making us more integrated and grounded;

It is also our call to the tripeople masses and working class to be more consolidated and organized and always be ready for a revolutionary flow that is beneficial to the poor and exploited classes among peoples;

Now, we altogether (the Party and the Army) were able to reflect and realized that revolutionary armies cannot just be armies alone but it can perform also political tasks same with all militants and activists around the world that is not seen as additional burden but appreciated as real revolutionary contribution.

Our comrades are capable of being a political and a military cadre. And yes, we have more works to do and we have done a lot so far.

We are in this together!

In Revolution,

Revolutionary Workers’ Party – Mindanao, Philippines

Executive Committee

16 March 2013

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