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RPM-M lauds Anti-Mining Campaign in the Philippines

14 July 2013

The Revolutionary Workers Party – Mindanao acknowledges and supports the campaign by different organizations in the Philippines against highly extractive and destructive mining operations in the Philippines mainly promoted by the Philippine government through its Philippine Mining Act.

For the RPM-M, no change of policy under the new administration is only a proof that the Aquino government is of no difference from the past administrations. It offered to foreign and capitalist market its resources (minerals, resources and human) the same as the past. Public-Private Partnership policy is a project of many faces favorable to the elite. This is clearly a new guise of implementing the neo-liberal policies.

RPM-M called all revolutionaries, progressives, workers, communities and environmental activists to unite in this concern and collectively find means and alternatives. Ecological question is a class question and should be a question that all revolutionaries must take. The disasters happened in Mindanao and the Philippines in the past two years were enough evidence to stop all of these destruction. But then the Philippine Government under Noynoy Aquino complied with his bosses, the Capitalists and turned deaf and blind and allowed mining operations to continue amidst protests and oppositions from the communities and peoples. Mostly and mainly targeted and affected of these destructions are territories of the Lumads (Indigenous People).

RPM-M also called for supports in developing local communities and its economies by allowing people to participate in all levels and decisions. A sustainable and ecological alternative is a must. This is to attack imperialism from below as an approach which in a way empowered the communities.

Ecology is one of the major non-negotiable subject of the Peace Negotiation between the Philippine Government under the Arroyo time and RPM-M. And the RPM-M remains committed on that principle today.

Revolutionaries should be ecosocialist!

Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa – Mindanao, Philippines

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