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The RPM-M’s Urgent Tasks

21 September 2010

The RPMM’s leadership is calling on all its cadres and members to consolidate themselves in the light of the development and organized attacks initiated by the opportunists and liquidationists hiding behind the so called movement, who are shouting to save the Party while in fact they are in an all out mode of destroying the prestige of the Party and its leadership at every opportunity they have.

The Party leadership calls for the summing up of the Party’s experience in the electoral/parliamentary struggle so as to avoid similar mistakes and move forward with its aim of instituting electoral reforms within the bourgeois political system.

The Party leadership works for the balanced integration of the different fields of revolutionary engagement, in its intensification of the revolutionary mass movements and consolidation of the concrete gains and victories it has registered, and in correcting the mistakes and weaknesses it has encountered. The Party will work doubly, on the balancing of a new ideological framework and paradigm shift with that of the development of its machineries and political work and continuous organizational development.

The Party leadership is opening up itself for criticism and self-criticism and at the same time calls for those who have been confused by the fast development of the problems created by a few opportunists and liquidationists to approach any Party branch in their area or field of work and request an in-depth and thorough discussions of the situation confronting the Party.

The Party leadership calls on those who have created these problems to immediately stop their counter-revolutionary works.

The Party leadership calls for international solidarity of all the sections of the International, to give us Ideological guidance in resolving these contradictions and reaching a situation favorable to the promotion and development of the interests of the proletariat and the toiling masses in Mindanao, the Philippines and the world.

Executive Committee of the

RPM-M Central Committee

October 2007

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