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[26 Jan 2011 | | ]
A New Revolutionary Hope amidst Challenges

The Second Congress of RPM-M and How It Became a Success
Many challenges… many revolutionary tasks to be done…
These are just some of the statements that made the principles of Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa – Mindanao (RPM-M) stronger in holding its Second Congress. After its founding Congress in 2001, the party successfully held its Second National Congress last August 2010 at Camp Usman, Mindanao. It was attended by 130 delegates from the three peoples in the different areas of Mindanao. It was also attended by two comrades from the French and …

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[26 Jan 2011 | | ]
2nd RPA Military Conference and Politico-Military (POL-MIL) Training, Successful!

The Revolutionary Peoples’ Army (RPA) successfully concluded its 2nd Military Conference and Combatant Retraining at Camp Ceilo, one of the major camps of the RPA in Central Mindanao. The month-long two successive activities were aimed at strengthening the organizational and military capabilities of the RPA to facilitate smooth and effective functioning of all its commands and to maintain and ensure the Pol-Mil capabilities and readiness of the organization in order to effectively fulfill to the various needs of the different areas and fronts.
The 2nd Military Conference was called upon …

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[9 Oct 2010 | | ]
The Second Congress of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (Mindanao) – An Eyewitness Report

Introduction: an historical note
by Pierre ROUSSET
The Revolutionary Workers’ Party (Mindanao) (Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Mangagawa-Mindanao or RPM-M) – was founded in 2001. But it is the product of a history which goes back a decade earlier, to the crisis of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP, Maoist) in 1992-1993. This crisis resulted in a whole series of splits, involving particularly commissions dealing with sectors of the party’s work and territorial, regional party structures. In the South of the archipelago, this was the case with the Central Mindanao Region or CMR.
Let …

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[28 Sep 2010 | | ]
Our position on ‘Demobilization, Disarmament, Reintegration’

Position Paper of the RPM-M/RPA on the Demobilization, Disarmament, Reintegration/Rehabilitation Framework of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines vis-à-vis Peace Talks
The Press Statement of Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita on September 3, 2008 has drawn reactions from various Revolutionary groups and even civil society groups. It was obviously formulated in the midst of the current hostilities in Mindanao that killed innocent civilians, destroyed properties and displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians. Of course, this has to be blamed on some base commanders of the MILF and their irrational reactions …